I know I have mentioned this before BUT I just love throwing showers and designing invitations for my closest friends.  This was definitely one of my most favorite projects to work on for one of my very favorite people in the world, Lindsey.  My friends and I decided to throw a baby shower for her where in lieu of a card the guests were to bring a book.  Love this idea because by the end of the shower Lindsey will have many new books to read to her little one.  So, in the spirit of the theme, I wanted to create an invitation that looked like a book, complete with fairytale story, and response postcard designed like a library book checkout form.  I’m not even sure if they still have those forms but being a child of the 1980s I do!  I hope that you all enjoy this invitation as much as I did designing it.

We can design this in any color combo you want…especially for those gender neutral or baby boy showers.

Here is how the card read:

Once upon a time in the land of Atlanta there lived a beautiful young lady named Lindsey, and she had a very important secret to reveal…she was having a baby!  Lindsey’s friends and family from Atlanta, along with her mother and sisters from the Empire of Columbia (where the King lived), had just heard of the wonderful news and decided that a grand celebration was in order.  All the fairy hostesses (names of hostesses listed) got together and began planning this truly special event.  The event was scheduled for (Date and Time) at the home of the world’s best storyteller, Jennifer Lazo (name of the hostess whose house we were using for the shower).  Jennifer lived in a gorgeous castle in the southern region of the land of Atlanta at (address here).

This wasn’t just any party though…this party was going to shower Lindsey with all of the essentials she will need to provide only the best care to her new baby girl (which can be conveniently purchased at Buy Buy Baby).  Each guest also made sure not to forget to bring a book to the party as this was the most important part!!  They needed to make sure that the baby girl grew up to be just as smart as her mommy.

Everyone was so overjoyed with the news of Lindsey’s new baby, and they all new this shower was going to be the best event of the year for one of their most favorite people.

The End…or perhaps, just the beginning of her

Happily Ever After