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So this is me, Christine Eberle, and my family.  I am a mother to my daughter Kinsley and two furry children (Bella and Lucy), wife to husband Larry, and a business owner.  I started this business in 2007 when I went to shop for my own wedding invitations and became increasingly frustrated flipping through books and meeting with people that never explained what I needed or why things cost what they did.  Since I had a background in printing, always dabbled in design, and was an avid scrapbooker with a love for paper I figured I could do it myself!  Well, many years later and we have built a business that I am incredibly proud of and that I love so very much.  

Our goal at Eberle Invitations is to be your stationery consultant.  We want to be here to answer all of your questions, and be that expert to guide you through this process.  Whoever the client, whatever their wish, our end result will transcend even the most discerning individual’s expectations into the perfect first impression for your special event that will last a lifetime.  This is the promise we make to you, and we hope to speak with you soon!

Christine Eberle