Christine Eberle is the owner of Eberle Invitations and the lead designer.  She started this business in 2007 when she discovered, in shopping for her own invitations, that there was a real need in the industry for a person that could act more like a stationery consultant rather than just a designer.



She found that there was an overwhelming number of very talented invitation designers, but it was difficult to find one that could walk through the event to make sure all of the pieces that needed to be included in the suite were included, that the information included was not too much but also not too little, speak to wedding etiquette, manage to a budget, and consult on color acting as a guide to make sure the invitation represents the overall vision for the event.  So, since she had a background in printing, always dabbled in design, and was an avid scrapbooker with a love for paper she decided to educate herself and create her own wedding invitations.  And, as they say, the rest is history!

Bella & Lucy

Chief Micro-Managers