Sugar and Spice…I just LOVE this shower idea. It combines both the practical with the sexy, which was a perfect combo for my little Persian princess bride (close friend of mine so I am allowed to say that). The beautiful bride is below in the coral with her equally as gorgeous family.

The wording for the invite was the best part, so since you cant really read it well in these photos I thought I would share it with you (thanks, Britt!):
The shower’s theme is Sugar & Spice
Since gifts for the kitchen and bedroom are both quite nice
You have each been given one or the other
And you will find your assignment on the invite’s front cover
For Sugar think cooking essentials to stock her new place
For Spice think lingerie and satin, silk or lace!

I have recreated this invitation with many different color combos, so please send me an email or give me a call if you are interested!